Janan BizDev, a dba of Janan International LLC, is a Veteran-Owned Limited Liability Company that has been providing business development consulting services since 2002.  Janan's Founder and Associates all have over 30 years of business experience in their respective fields of sales, proposal management, marketing, market research, risk management, contracts & legal, and finance.   --- see more ---
We bring value to our clients by helping them achieve their vision goals.  Many companies come up with great ideas, but often can't seem to figure out the path to turn them into funded government contracts - they run into the technology "valley of death" and don't know how to cross it.  We assist these companies with both their vision planning and subsequent business development execution, turning their vision into a “secure” revenue reality.   --- see more ---
Government customers have included agencies in the federal government and DoD marketspace, plus a number of foreign government organizations.  --- see more ---

Our clients have included industry primes and subcontractors, as well as numerous small businesses.  --- see more ---

Since its inception, Janan has helped our clients win over $700 Million in new contracts. Platforms range from satellites to aircraft to ground vehicles to ships and undersea - essentially, systems that move, shoot, or communicate everywhere on and around the globe within every DoD Community of Interest.  --- see more ---
Vision without a Plan is Hallucination
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