Vision without a Plan is Hallucination
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Many companies often need help with the same issues. Surprisingly, we have found that time after time a number of companies we speak with have expressed the same needs and often asked us almost the exact same questions. Essentially, they each require the same types of assistance, but modified slightly for their own individual companies and particular offerings.

As a result, Janan BizDev is in the process of "productizing" several of our services into standardized products that we can provide to our clients. These range from brief, short-term engagements to longer, more involved relationships where we work with the company to assess their situation, identify the key issues, and provide and analysis that results in strategies and plans for going forward.

In addition to our pending family of products, we have recently added a new Call Consultation Service product for companies that only have a question or two which they need an answer to.

We will be providing more information on our products shortly.