Vision without a Plan is Hallucination


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Janan BizDev has a number of services we provide our clients ranging from longer duration consulting services to shorter-term "task order" type contracts, as well as select special projects. Additionally, we have recently introduced a new Call Consultation service to help companies get a few of their key questions answered quickly instead of struggling to get answers.
Retained Consulting Services - Janan works with select clients to create strategic, actionable business development plans, define goals & objectives, and executes on the timeline for achieving them.
Task Order Contracts - Some companies need our help to perform certain key tasks in a short timeframe.
Special Projects - Upon occasion Janan takes on critical work for certain clients that needs to be completed ASAP.  These range from market research to short time-crunch proposal work to our total Business Development Risk Assessment.   --- see more ---
*** New Call Consultation Service - Because we have had numerous companies with limited resources seeking out our advice, Janan has recently added this service in order to provide them with essential information at a reasonable price.   --- see more ---
Contact us for information on any of the above services.