Janan BizDev knows that smart companies try to conserve resources to grow their business.  They often have a few simple business questions they need answered, but either cannot afford or do not want to spend the funds to engage a consultant for a significant period of time.  To help these companies get the answers they need cost-effectively, Janan has recently introduced a new Call Consultation service.  It is similar to the work we did for the DoD Velociter program where we advised 250 companies on numerous business development matters over an 18-month period.  We can help answer a number of your business development questions such as:
So what are the steps for getting started?
  • First, send us an e-mail describing your particular question, issue, or concern.  We will reply stating whether we can help you or we may respond with clarification questions.
  • Once we fully understand what you need, we will confirm whether we can help you; if so, we will provide several dates & times that we can speak with you.
  • Our introductory price is $49 for a 15-minute Consultation Call.  This also includes any applicable research we may need to do in advance to prepare for your consultation and answer your question(s).
  • We will also send you a link to confirm your appointment time and to make your payment for the consultation call.  After that, we will call you at the agreed-upon time and provide you with the advice you are looking for.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the information you need to increase your company's success.


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Call Consultation Service