Janan BizDev realizes that many small businesses tend to place their primary focus on their technology and product development.  However, there are other elements to running a company beyond engineering, such as finances, program & project management, and of course, business development.  We have found that all too often smaller companies do not understand everything that is required to reduce their risk and optimize their BizDev operational performance, especially when it comes to pursuing government contract opportunities. By limiting their focus just to what they know and are more comfortable with, their perspective of business development is like trying to watch a sporting event through a knothole in a fence – there is simply no way that they’ll ever see nor fully understand the entire picture.


In addition to having been “classically trained” in various business development and sales methods, we have spent years creating optimized sales processes, defining best practices, developing ISO standardized procedures, and actually validating that everything works by implementing and executing all of it.  We have accumulated and packaged these resources together into what we call the “Business Development World”.  We use these resources to help our clients optimize their efficiency and win new business.


A lack of a well-defined BizDev process or the failure to properly execute one is a significant business risk.  Janan can assess and analyze your business development processes to determine whether you have all the bases covered or where problem areas may exist. We evaluate multiple Strategy (Planning), Tactics (Execution), and Support (Tools) elements of a company’s business development process and organization, rate them, and determine possibility of failure as a function of Risk.  Our Assessment helps you to understand the risks of each major business development area and their respective sub-areas.  With this insight and visibility, you can concentrate on where to make necessary improvements for the best business development (and business) results.


If you have any concerns about your company’s business development organization not operating at optimal efficiency or about possible gaps in your processes, contact us to schedule a BizDev Risk Assessment.  Like many companies we have helped before, you will likely learn a few things that are well worth your time.


Vision without a Plan is Hallucination
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Business Development Risk Assessment