A. J. Yarmie is the Founder and CXO of Janan BizDev.  He has over 35 years of government, defense, and technology business development experience working for several large defense corporations and a number of small businesses, before starting Janan 17 years ago.  Janan has assisted clients in winning over $700 Million in new business, including helping SBIR companies win over $200M of Commercialization programs. Additionally, in support of several of his clients A. J. has filled multiple company roles through C-Level on an as-needed basis, including start-ups with a variety of technologies, applications, and markets.


A West Point graduate with a diverse engineering background, A. J.ís military service as a U.S. Army officer and Master Army Aviator enables him to better understand the end-customerís CONOPS (Concept of Operations) from a userís perspective - this knowledge and expertise has aided Jananís clients to better design, build, and meet their customerís requirements.  Additionally, A. J. successfully introduced many of Jananís business development processes and engagement techniques into the DoD Velociter program in FY16 and FY17 - as a SBIR Commercialization Subject Matter Expert he personally counseled and mentored 250 small businesses over 18 months in how to match their respective products to relevant DoD program interests for all major technology areas.


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