Below are a few examples of some of the Client work Janan has done.
Major weapons systems/armament & sensor prime - Reviewed government RDT&E budget element numbers for  specific weapons programs with out-year funding and matched those with specific internal investments to drive company IR&D budgets in those directions; Identified various sensor technologies and products for implementation into systems that were fieldable within a 12-18 month timeframe in the Afghan and Iraq military theaters of operation; Contributed to the drafting and “red-teaming” of client company proposals.
Space hardware company - Won MDA $250K Phase I Study, follow-on $800K Phase II, and $43M Phase III IDIQ contract; Won $1.5M AFRL prototype contract; Won multiple Phase I and II SBIRs; Developed $62M forecast, averaging a 60% confidence.

Systems engineering services company - Worked with lead systems engineer to define user applications for subcontractor on sensors support program; helped craft sample tasks which were key to winning a $150M systems engineering support program.
Head-worn display hardware/software company - Assisted company with pursuing several military applications of hardware product and software applications; Introduced company to multiple industrial market opportunities and helped pursue a $20M entrée opportunity; Researched background of a prospective company buyer; Worked with client to modify software for customer-specific applications; Helped establish business development process, forecasting,  and strategic planning procedures.
Government technology transfer organization - Worked with a university-affiliate organization transferring government developed technology from the DoD and NASA to industry, but with member companies having difficulty reintroducing the productized technology back to the warfighter; Developed over 75 distinct opportunities for 12 member companies over the initial 18-month period;
Introduced one member company to large aerospace corporation resulting in licensing agreement of company product and technology.
SATCOM product company - Oversaw sales responsibility for worldwide government and defense sales of SATCOM family of products; Made foreign embassy contacts and scheduled meetings with military defense attachés and technical experts; Helped develop rep partner network for domestic and global sales distribution channels.
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